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Doms Drum Kit

For eight years, Dom endorsed Tama Drums, which meant that because of his popularity and influence, he was given drum kits for free! In 2009 however, and the start of The Resistance tour, Dom switched to endorse Drum Workshop (DW) Drums.

DW Logo

“I really didn’t think that anything would top the sound of that (Tama) kit, but as soon as I jumped on the DW it just sounded incredible and I remembered exactly why I got into them in the first place. It was so clear which one sounded best.”

“The Perspex was amazing through a big PA on tour, brilliant, but the DW has such a vast tonal range. It’s not mid-rangey like the Perspex shells are, it’s more expressive and more sensitive.”

“Tama were great to me and I used them for eight years, they were amazing, but the new kits are phenomenal.”

Dom is left handed and sets his kit in a ‘one up, two down’ configuration. He also has his gong bass drum next to his hi-hats on his right.


Snare = Matching 14×6.5 or Ludwig 14×6.5 ‘Black Beauty’ or 402
Tom Tom = 12×10
Floor Tom = 14×14
Floor Tom = 16×16
Gong bass = 21×16
Bass = 22×20

The Gong Bass Drum features a 22″ head on a 20″ shell with no bottom head. This drum produces a sound with excellent sustain that’s close in character to a concert tympani. Dom uses the Gong Bass drum on “Knights of Cydonia”, “Map of the Problematique” and “United States of Eurasia”.

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