As expected with the start of the new tour, Dom has a new insulin plant kit!



New video of Dom being interviewed regarding The 2nd Law…

21  Aug
Dom on XFM

Dom was interviewed by Mary Anne Hobbs on last nights Music: Response show on XFM. In this interview Dom discusses the Olympic closing ceremony, Madness, The 2nd Law and the new tour.


With the release of The 2nd Law imminent, Muse have been doing lots of interviews!

Here is an interview Dom did with American radio station Sonic 102.9

Keep checking back to see, hear and read all the other interviews with Dom!



Wow! It’s been FAR too long!

I blame Muse for their lack of official releases…and not to mention my insane busy-ness!

But anyway, I’m still here and I bring good news!

I have a new tab for you all! >>> Exogenesis Part 1 (Overture)

However, I must say that this tab was written by an awesome guy called Michael Butler who volunteered to help with the updating of the site by tabbing it for me!

So a massive thanks to Michael for doing this for me! Go check it out now and as usual, those who are registered to the message board can download and print the tab.

And for those of you who are unaware… check out Muses new album teaser video:


Muse have given us this years Christmas present a couple of days early!

Megalomania Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2008 as part of the Teenage Cancer Trust concert.

Merry Christmas!


20  Dec
More Studio Vids

More studio videos have emerged of Dom - this time he’s wearing an unusual outfit whilst hitting an unusual drum!

Check them out:


After weeks and weeks and WEEKS of NOT MUCH….

Tom Kirk has just put up a video of Dom in the studio recording a track from Album Number Six! I can hardly contain my excitement!!

This track sounds MASSIVE!! Eeeeeeee! :D


07  Dec
Happy Birthday Dom

Today is Dom’s 34th birthday!

Happy birthday!!


Here is a video of Dom recording the track: “I’ll Take The Pain” with Vicky Cryer.


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